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Version: Stable-3.1



Converts one or more key-value pairs to a JSON object that consists of the key-value pairs. The key-value pairs are sorted by key in dictionary order.


json_object(key, value, ...)


  • key: a key in the JSON object. Only the VARCHAR data type is supported.

  • value: a value in the JSON object. Only NULL values and the following data types are supported: STRING, VARCHAR, CHAR, JSON, TINYINT, SMALLINT, INT, BIGINT, LARGEINT, DOUBLE, FLOAT, and BOOLEAN.

Return value

Returns a JSON object.

If the total number of keys and values is an odd number, the JSON_OBJECT function fills NULL in the last field.


Example 1: Construct a JSON object that consists of values of different data types.

mysql> SELECT json_object('name', 'starrocks', 'active', true, 'published', 2020);

-> {"active": true, "name": "starrocks", "published": 2020}

Example 2: Construct a JSON object by using nested JSON_OBJECT functions.

mysql> SELECT json_object('k1', 1, 'k2', json_object('k2', 2), 'k3', json_array(4, 5));

-> {"k1": 1, "k2": {"k2": 2}, "k3": [4, 5]}

Example 3: Construct an empty JSON object.

mysql> SELECT json_object();

-> {}