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Version: 2.5



Restores data to a specified database, table, or partition. Currently, StarRocks only supports restoring data to OLAP tables. For more information, see data backup and restoration.

RESTORE is an asynchronous operation. You can check the status of a RESTORE job using SHOW RESTORE, or cancel a RESTORE job using CANCEL RESTORE.


  • Only users with the ADMIN privilege can restore data.
  • In each database, only one running BACKUP or RESTORE job is allowed each time. Otherwise, StarRocks returns an error.


RESTORE SNAPSHOT <db_name>.<snapshot_name>
FROM <repository_name>
[ ON ( <table_name> [ PARTITION ( <partition_name> [, ...] ) ]
[ AS <table_alias>] [, ...] ) ]
PROPERTIES ("key"="value", ...)


db_nameName of the database that the data is restored to.
snapshot_nameName for the data snapshot.
repository_nameRepository name.
ONName of the tables to restored. The whole database is restored if this parameter is not specified.
PARTITIONName of the partitions to be restored. The whole table is restored if this parameter is not specified. You can view the partition name using SHOW PARTITIONS.
PROPERTIESProperties of the RESTORE operation. Valid keys:
  • backup_timestamp: Backup timestamp. Required. You can view backup timestamps using SHOW SNAPSHOT.
  • replication_num: Specify the number of replicas to be restored. Default: 3.
  • meta_version: This parameter is only used as a temporary solution to restore the data backed up by the earlier version of StarRocks. The latest version of the backed up data already contains meta version, and you do not need to specify it.
  • timeout: Task timeout. Unit: second. Default: 86400.


Example 1: Restores the table backup_tbl in the snapshot snapshot_label1 from example_repo repository to the database example_db, and the backup timestamp is 2018-05-04-16-45-08. Restores one replica.

RESTORE SNAPSHOT example_db.snapshot_label1
FROM example_repo
ON ( backup_tbl )
"replication_num" = "1"

Example 2: Restores partitions p1 and p2 of table backup_tbl in snapshot_label2 and table backup_tbl2 from example_repo to database example_db, and rename backup_tbl2 to new_tbl. The backup timestamp is 2018-05-04-17-11-01. Restores three replicas by default.

RESTORE SNAPSHOT example_db.snapshot_label2
FROM example_repo
backup_tbl PARTITION (p1, p2),
backup_tbl2 AS new_tbl