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Version: 3.0



This statement is used to recover deleted database, table or partition.


  1. Recover database

    RECOVER DATABASE <db_name>
  2. Recover database

    RECOVER TABLE [<db_name>.]<table_name>
  3. Recover partition

    RECOVER PARTITION partition_name FROM [<db_name>.]<table_name>


  1. It can only recover meta-information deleted some time ago. The default time: one day. (You can change it through parameter configuration catalog_trash_expire_second in fe.conf. )
  2. If the meta-information is deleted with an identical meta-information created, the previous one will not be recovered.


  1. Recover database named example_db

    RECOVER DATABASE example_db;
  2. Recover table name example_tbl

    RECOVER TABLE example_db.example_tbl;
  3. Recover partition named p1 in the example_tbl table

    RECOVER PARTITION p1 FROM example_tbl;