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Version: 2.5

Data Recovery

StarRocks supports data recovery for mistakenly deleted databases/tables/partitions. After drop table or drop database, StarRocks will not physically delete the data immediately, but keep it in Trash for a period of time (1 day by default). Administrators can recover the mistakenly deleted data with the RECOVER command.


-- 1) Recover database
-- 2) Restore table
RECOVER TABLE [db_name.]table_name;
-- 3) Recover partition
RECOVER PARTITION partition_name FROM [db_name.]table_name;


  1. This operation can only restore the deleted meta information. The default time is 1 day, which can be configured by the catalog_trash_expire_second parameter in fe.conf.
  2. If new meta information of the same name and type is created after the meta information is deleted, the previously deleted meta information cannot be restored.


  1. Recover the database named example_db

    RECOVER DATABASE example_db;
    ~~~ 2.

  2. Recover the table named example_tbl

    RECOVER TABLE example_db.example_tbl;
    ~~~ 3.

  3. Recover the partition named p1 in the table example_tbl

    RECOVER PARTITION p1 FROM example_tbl;