Never use required

As the project involving, any fields may become optional. But if it is defined as required, it can not be removed.

So required should not be used.

Never change the ordinal

To be back compatible, the ordinal of the field SHOULD NOT be changed.


file name

The names of messages are all lowercase, with underscores between words. Files should end in .thrift.

my_struct.thrift            // Good
MyStruct.thrift             // Bad
my_struct.proto             // Bad

struct name

Struct names start with a capital letter T and have a capital letter for each new word, with no underscores: TMyStruct

struct TMyStruct;           // Good
struct MyStruct;            // Bad
struct TMy_Struct;          // Bad
struct TmyStruct;           // Bad

field name

The names of struct members are all lowercase, with underscores between words.

1: optional i64 my_field;       // Good
1: optional i64 myField;        // Bad