Support build on x86_64 and aarch64


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install automake binutils-dev bison byacc ccache flex libiberty-dev libtool maven zip python3 python-is-python3 -y


If the ubuntu version >= 22.04, you can

sudo apt-get install cmake gcc g++ default-jdk -y

If the ubuntu version < 22.04. Check the version of following tools and compilers

1. GCC/G++

GCC/G++ version must be >= 10.3

gcc --version
g++ --version

Install GCC/G++(https://gcc.gnu.org/releases.html)

2. JDK

OpenJDK version must be >= 8

java --version

Install OpenJdk(https://openjdk.org/install)

3. CMake

cmake version must be >= 3.20.1

cmake --version

Install cmake(https://cmake.org/download)

Improve the compile speed

The default compiling paralleilsim equals to the CPU Cores / 4. If you want to improve the compile speed. If You can improve the paralleilsim.

  1. Suppose you have 32 Cpu cores, the default paralleilsim is 8.
  1. Suppose you have 32 Cpu cores, want to use 24 cores to compile.
./build.sh -j 24


  1. Failed to build aws_cpp_sdk in the Ubuntu 20.04.
Error: undefined reference to pthread_create

The error comes from the lower CMake version; you can upgrade the CMake version to at least 3.20.1