Introduction of the dev-env image

Download the image

# download image from dockerhub
docker pull starrocks/dev-env:{version}


starrocks branchimage tag

How to use

  • Run the container as usual

    docker run -it --name {container-name} -d starrocks/dev-env:{version}
    docker exec -it {container-name} /bin/bash
    # Run git clone starrocks in any path which in the container
    git clone https://github.com/StarRocks/starrocks.git
    cd starrocks
    sh build.sh
  • Run the container by mounting the local path (recommended)

    • Avoid re-downloading java dependency
    • No need to copy the compiled binary package in starrocks/output from the container
    docker run -it \
    -v /{local-path}/.m2:/root/.m2 \
    -v /{local-path}/starrocks:/root/starrocks \
    --name {container-name} \
    -d starrocks/dev-env:{version}
    docker exec -it {container-name} /bin/bash
    cd /root/starrocks
    sh build.sh

Third party tool

We have integrated some tools in the image so that you can easily use them

  • llvm
  • clang