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Version: Latest-3.3



Removes the trailing spaces or specified characters from the end (right) of the str argument. Removing specified characters are supported from StarRocks 2.5.0.


VARCHAR rtrim(VARCHAR str[, VARCHAR characters]);


str: required, the string to trim, which must evaluate to a VARCHAR value.

characters: optional, the characters to remove, which must be a VARCHAR value. If this parameter is not specified, spaces are removed from the string by default. If this parameter is set to an empty string, an error is returned.

Return value

Returns a VARCHAR value.


Example 1: Remove the three trailing spaces from the string.

mysql> SELECT rtrim('   ab d   ');
| rtrim(' ab d ') |
| ab d |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Example 2: Remove specified characters from the end of the string.

MySQL > SELECT rtrim("xxabcdxx", "x");
| rtrim('xxabcdxx', 'x') |
| xxabcd |