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Version: Latest-3.3



This function returns strings with a length of len (starting counting from the first syllable) in str. If len is longer than str, the return value is lengthened to len characters by adding pad characters behind str. If str is longer than len, the return value is shortened to len characters. len means the length of characters, not bytes.


VARCHAR rpad(VARCHAR str, INT len[, VARCHAR pad])


str: required, the string to be padded, which must evaluate to a VARCHAR value.

len: required, the length of return value, it means the length of characters, not bytes, which must evaluate to an INT value.

pad: optional, the characters to be added behind str, which must be a VARCHAR value. If this parameter is not specified, spaces are added by default.

Return value

Returns a VARCHAR value.


MySQL > SELECT rpad("hi", 5, "xy");
| rpad('hi', 5, 'xy') |
| hixyx |

MySQL > SELECT rpad("hi", 1, "xy");
| rpad('hi', 1, 'xy') |
| h |

MySQL > SELECT rpad("hi", 5);
| rpad('hi', 5, ' ') |
| hi |