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Version: Latest-3.3



Calculate the ngram similarity of the two strings.

  • Currently, the character encoding only supports ASCII encoding and does not support UTF-8 encoding.
  • The function ngram_search is case-sensitive. Another function ngram_search_case_insensitive is case-insensitive. Other than that, these two functions are the same.


DOUBLE ngram_search(VARCHAR haystack, VARCHAR needle, INT gram_num)


  • haystack: required, the first string to compare. It must be a VARCHAR value. It can be a column name or a const value. If haystack is a column name, and an N-Gram bloom filter index is created for that column in the table, the index can accelerate the computation speed of the ngram_search function.

  • needle: required, the second string to compare. It must be a VARCHAR value. It can only be a const value.

    • The length of the needle value can not be larger than 2^15. Otherwise an error will be thrown.
    • If the length of the haystack value is larger than 2^15, this function will return 0.
    • If the length of the haystack or needle value is smaller than gram_num, this function will return 0.
  • gram_num: required, used for specifying the number of grams. The recommended value is 4.

Return value

Returns a value describing how similar these two strings are. The range of returned value is between 0 and 1. The larger this value, the more similar the two strings are.


-- The values of haystack and needle are const values.
mysql> select ngram_search('English', 'England',4);
| ngram_search('English', 'England', 4) |
| 0.25 |

-- The value of haystack is a column name and the value of needle is a const value.
mysql> select rowkey,ngram_search(rowkey,"31dc496b-760d-6f1a-4521-050073a70000",4) as string_similarity from string_table order by string_similarity desc limit 5;
| rowkey | string_similarity |
| 31dc496b-760d-6f1a-4521-050073a70000 | 1 |
| 31dc496b-760d-6f1a-4521-050073a40000 | 0.8787879 |
| 31dc496b-760d-6f1a-4521-05007fa70000 | 0.8787879 |
| 31dc496b-760d-6f1a-4521-050073a30000 | 0.8787879 |
| 31dc496b-760d-6f1a-4521-0500c3a70000 | 0.8787879 |