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Version: Latest-3.3



Transforms keys in a map using a Lambda expression and produces a new key for each entry in the map.

This function is supported from v3.1 onwards.


MAP transform_keys(lambda_func, any_map)

lambda_func can also be placed after any_map:

MAP transform_keys(any_map, lambda_func)


  • any_map: the Map.

  • lambda_func: the Lambda expression you want to apply to any_map.

Return value

Returns a map value where the data types of keys are determined by the result of the Lambda expression and the data types of values are the same as values in any_map.

If any input parameter is NULL, NULL is returned.

If a key or value in the original map is NULL, NULL is processed as a normal value.

The Lambda expression must have two parameters. The first parameter represents the key. The second parameter represents the value.


The following example uses map_from_arrays to generate a map value {1:"ab",3:"cdd",2:null,null:"abc"}. Then the Lambda expression is applied to each key to increment the key by 1.

mysql> select transform_keys((k,v)->(k+1), col_map) from (select map_from_arrays([1,3,null,2,null],['ab','cdd',null,null,'abc']) as col_map)A;
| transform_keys((k, v) -> k + 1, col_map) |
| {2:"ab",4:"cdd",3:null,null:"abc"} |