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Version: Latest-3.3

Function list

StarRocks offers a rich set of functions to facilitate data queries and analysis. In addition to commonly used functions, StarRocks supports semi-structured functions such as ARRAY, JSON, MAP, and STRUCT functions. It also supports higher-order Lambda functions. If these functions cannot meet your business requirements, you can use Java UDF to compile functions. StarRocks also provides Hive Bitmap UDFs. You can generate Bitmap data in Hive and then load Bitmap into StarRocks. You can also export the Bitmap data generated in StarRocks to Hive for other systems to use.

You can find a built-in function based on the following categories:

Aggregate functions

Array functions

Binary functions

Bit functions

Bitmap functions

Conditional functions

Cryptographic functions

Date and time functions

Geographic functions

Hash functions

JSON functions

String functions

Map functions

Math functions

Pattern matching functions

Percentile functions

Scalar functions

Struct functions

Table functions

Utility functions

Dictionary functions