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Version: Latest-3.2


views provides information about all user-defined views.

The following fields are provided in views:

TABLE_CATALOGThe name of the catalog to which the view belongs. This value is always def.
TABLE_SCHEMAThe name of the database to which the view belongs.
TABLE_NAMEThe name of the view.
VIEW_DEFINITIONThe SELECT statement that provides the definition of the view.
CHECK_OPTIONThe value of the CHECK_OPTION attribute. The value is one of NONE, CASCADE, or LOCAL.
IS_UPDATABLEWhether the view is updatable. The flag is set to YES (true) if UPDATE and DELETE (and similar operations) are legal for the view. Otherwise, the flag is set to NO (false). If a view is not updatable, statements such UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT are illegal and are rejected.
DEFINERThe user of the user who created the view.
SECURITY_TYPEThe view SQL SECURITY characteristic. The value is one of DEFINER or INVOKER.