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Version: Latest-3.2


task_runs provides information about the execution of asynchronous tasks.

The following fields are provided in task_runs:

QUERY_IDID of the query.
TASK_NAMEName of the task.
CREATE_TIMETime when the task was created.
FINISH_TIMETime when the task finished.
STATEState of the task. Valid values: PENDING, RUNNING, FAILED, and SUCCESS.
DATABASEDatabase where the task belongs.
DEFINITIONSQL definition of the task.
EXPIRE_TIMETime when the task expires.
ERROR_CODEError code of the task.
ERROR_MESSAGEError message of the task.
PROGRESSThe progress of the task.
EXTRA_MESSAGEExtra message for the task, for example, the partition information in an asynchronous materialized view creation task.