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Version: Latest-3.3


tables_config provides information about the configuration of tables.

The following fields are provided in tables_config:

TABLE_SCHEMAName of the database that stores the table.
TABLE_NAMEName of the table.
TABLE_ENGINEEngine type of the table.
TABLE_MODELData model of the table. Valid values: DUP_KEYS, AGG_KEYS, UNQ_KEYS or PRI_KEYS.
PRIMARY_KEYPrimary key of a Primary Key table or a Unique Key table. An empty string is returned if the table is not a Primary Key table or a Unique Key table.
PARTITION_KEYPartitioning columns of the table.
DISTRIBUTE_KEYBucketing columns of the table.
DISTRIBUTE_TYPEData distribution method of the table.
DISTRUBTE_BUCKETNumber of buckets in the table.
SORT_KEYSort keys of the table.
PROPERTIESProperties of the table.
TABLE_IDID of the table.