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Version: Latest-3.2


pipes provides information about all pipes stored in the current or specified database. This view is supported from StarRocks v3.2 onwards.


You can also use SHOW PIPES to view the pipes stored in a specified database or in the current database in use. This command is also supported from v3.2 onwards.

The following fields are provided in pipes:

DATABASE_NAMEThe name of the database in which the pipe is stored.
PIPE_IDThe unique ID of the pipe.
PIPE_NAMEThe name of the pipe.
TABLE_NAMEThe name of the destination table. Format: <database_name>.<table_name>.
STATEThe status of the pipe. Valid values: RUNNING, FINISHED, SUSPENDED, and ERROR.
LOAD_STATUSThe overall status of the data files to be loaded via the pipe, including the following sub-fields:
  • loadedFiles: the number of data files that have been loaded.
  • loadedBytes: the volume of data that has been loaded, measured in bytes.
  • loadingFiles: the number of data files that are being loaded.
LAST_ERRORThe details about the last error that occurred during the pipe execution. Default value: NULL.
CREATED_TIMEThe date and time when the pipe was created. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. Example: 2023-07-24 14:58:58.