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Version: Latest-3.3


be_cloud_native_compactions provides information on compaction transactions running on CNs (or BEs for v3.0) of a shared-data cluster. A compaction transaction is divided into multiple tasks on the tablet level, and each row in be_cloud_native_compactions corresponds to a task in the compaction transaction.

The following fields are provided in be_cloud_native_compactions:

BE_IDID of the CN (BE).
TXN_IDID of the compaction transaction. It can be duplicated because each compaction transaction may have multiple tasks.
TABLET_IDID of the tablet the task corresponds to.
VERSIONVersion of the data that is input to the task.
SKIPPEDWhether the task is skipped.
RUNSNumber of task executions. A value greater than 1 indicates that retries have occurred.
START_TIMETask start time.
FINISH_TIMETask finish time. NULL is returned if the task is still in progress.
PROGRESSPercentage of progress, ranging from 0 to 100.
STATUSTask status.