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Version: Latest-3.2

Load data using CloudCanal


CloudCanal Community Edition is a free data migration and synchronization platform published by ClouGence Co., Ltd that integrates Schema Migration, Full Data Migration, verification, Correction, and real-time Incremental Synchronization. CloudCanal help users build a modern data stack in a simple way. image.png


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CloudCanal Quick Start

Function Description

  • It is highly recommended to utilize CloudCanal version or higher for efficient data import into StarRocks.

  • It is advisable to exercise control over the ingestion frequency when using CloudCanal to import incremental data into StarRocks. The default import frequency for writing data from CloudCanal to StarRocks can be adjusted using the realFlushPauseSec parameter, which is set to 10 seconds by default.

  • In the current community edition with a maximum memory configuration of 2GB, if DataJobs encounter OOM exceptions or significant GC pauses, it is recommended to reduce the batch size to minimize memory usage.

    • For Full DataTask, you can adjust the fullBatchSize and fullRingBufferSize parameters.
    • For Incremental DataTask, the increBatchSize and increRingBufferSize parameters can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Supported Source endpoints and features:

    Source Endpoints \ FeatureSchema MigrationFull DataIncrementalVerification
    PolarDb for MySQLYesYesYesYes

Typical example

CloudCanal allows users to perform operations in a visual interface where users can seamlessly add DataSources and create DataJobs through a visual interface. This enables automated schema migration, full data migration, and real-time incremental synchronization. The following example demonstrates how to migrate and synchronize data from MySQL to StarRocks. The procedures are similar for data synchronization between other data sources and StarRocks.


First, refer to the CloudCanal Quick Start to complete the installation and deployment of the CloudCanal Community Edition.

Add DataSource

  • Log in to the CloudCanal platform
  • Go to DataSource Management -> Add DataSource
  • Select StarRocks from the options for self-built databases



  • Client Address: The address of the StarRocks server's MySQL client service port. CloudCanal primarily uses this address to query metadata information of the database tables.

  • HTTP Address: The HTTP address is mainly used to receive data import requests from CloudCanal.

Create DataJob

Once the DataSource has been added successfully, you can follow these steps to create data migration and synchronization DataJob.

  • Go to DataJob Management -> Create DataJob in the CloudCanal
  • Select the source and target databases for the DataJob
  • Click Next Step


  • Choose Incremental and enable Full Data
  • Select DDL Sync
  • Click Next Step


  • Select the source tables you want to subscribe to. Please note that the target StarRocks tables automatically after Schema Migration are Primary Key tables, so source tables without a primary key are not currently supported**

  • Click Next Step


  • Configure the column mapping
  • Click Next Step


  • Create DataJob


  • Check the status of DataJob. The DataJob will automatically go through the stages of Schema Migration, Full Data, and Incremental after it has been created