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Version: Latest-3.3


DBeaver is a SQL client software application and a database administration tool, which offers a helpful assistant that walks you through the process of connecting to a database.


Make sure that you have installed DBeaver.

You can download the DBeaver Community edition at or the DBeaver PRO edition at


Follow these steps to connect to a database:

  1. Launch DBeaver.

  2. Click the plus sign (+) icon in the upper-left corner of the DBeaver window or choose Database > New Database Connection in the menu bar to access the assistant.

    DBeaver - Access the assistant

    DBeaver - Access the assistant

  3. Select the MySQL driver.

    In the Select your database step, you are presented with a list of available drivers. Click Analytical in the left-side pane to quickly locate the MySQL driver. Then, double-click the MySQL icon.

    DBeaver - Select your database

  4. Configure the connection to the database.

    In the Connection Settings step, go to the Main tab and configure the following essential connection settings:

    • Server Host: the FE host IP address of your StarRocks cluster.
    • Port: the FE query port of your StarRocks cluster, for example, 9030.
    • Database: the target database in your StarRocks cluster. Both internal and external databases are supported, but the functionality for external databases may be incomplete.
    • Username: the username that is used to log in to your StarRocks cluster, for example, admin.
    • Password: the password that is used to log in to your StarRocks cluster.

    DBeaver - Connection Settings - Main tab

    You can also view and edit the properties of the MySQL driver on the Driver properties tab if necessary. To edit a specific property, click the row in the Value column for that property.

    DBeaver - Connection Settings - Driver properties tab

  5. Test the connection to the database.

    Click Test Connection to verify the accuracy of the connection settings. A dialog box displaying the MySQL driver's information appears. Click OK in the dialog box to confirm the information. After you have successfully configured the connection settings, click Finish to complete the process.

    DBeaver - Test Connection

  6. Connect to the database.

    After the connection is established, you can view it in the left-side database connection tree and DBeaver can effectively connect to the database.

    DBeaver - Connect database