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Version: Latest-3.3

Setup StarRocks FE development environment on IDEA

This tutorial is based on macOS and has been tested on Apple Chip(M1, M2). Even if you are not using macOS, you can also refer to this tutorial.


Thrift 0.13

There is no 0.13 version of Thrift in the official brew repository; one of our committers created a version in their repo to install.

brew install alberttwong/thrift/thrift@0.13

After installing Thrift successfully, you can check by executing following command:

$ thrift -version
Thrift version 0.13.0


Just use the latest version v3, because the latest version of Protobuf is compatible with the v2 version of the Protobuf used in StarRocks.

brew install protobuf


brew install maven

Openjdk 1.8 or 11

brew install openjdk@11


MacOS is already installed by default.

Everyone's Thrift and Protobuf installation directories may be different, you can use the brew list command to inspect:

brew list thrift@0.13.0
brew list protobuf

Configure the StarRocks

Download the StarRocks

git clone

Setup thirdparty directory

Create installed/bin directory in thirdparty.

cd starrocks && mkdir -p thirdparty/installed/bin

Then create soft link for Thrift and Protobuf respectively.

ln -s /opt/homebrew/bin/thrift thirdparty/installed/bin/thrift
ln -s /opt/homebrew/bin/protoc thirdparty/installed/bin/protoc

Setting environment variables

export JAVA_HOME="/opt/homebrew/Cellar/openjdk@11/11.0.15" # Caution: The jdk version may be different in you desktop
export PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3
export STARROCKS_THIRDPARTY=$(pwd)/thirdparty # Caution: Make sure you are in the starrocks directory

Generate source code

Many source files in FE need to be generated manually, otherwise IDEA will report an error due to missing files. Execute the following command to automatically generate:

cd gensrc
make clean

Compile FE

Enter fe directory and use Maven to compile:

cd fe
mvn install -DskipTests

Open StarRocks in IDEA

  1. Open the StarRocks directory in IDEA.

  2. Add Coding style setting To standardize the coding style, you should import the fe/starrocks_intellij_style.xml code style file in IDEA. image-20220701193938856

Run StarRocks FE in MacOS

Use IDEA to open the fe directory.

If you execute the Main function directly in, some errors will be reported. You only need to do some simple settings to run it smoothly.

NOTICE: is in the fe/fe-core/src/main/java/com/starrocks directory.

  1. Copy the conf, bin and webroot directories from the StarRocks directory to fe directory:
cp -r conf fe/conf
cp -r bin fe/bin
cp -r webroot fe/webroot
  1. Enter the fe directory and create the log and meta folders under the fe directory:
cd fe
mkdir log
mkdir meta
  1. Set the environment variable, as shown in the following figure:


export PID_DIR=/Users/smith/Code/starrocks/fe/bin
export STARROCKS_HOME=/Users/smith/Code/starrocks/fe
export LOG_DIR=/Users/smith/Code/starrocks/fe/log
  1. Modify the priority_networks in fe/conf/fe.conf to to prevent FE from using the current computer's LAN IP and cause the port fail to bind.

  2. Then you have run StarRocks FE successfully.

DEBUG StarRocks FE in MacOS

If you started the FE with the debug option, you can then attach the IDEA debugger to the FE process.

./ --debug