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Version: Latest-3.3

Data Cache observability

In earlier versions, there are no rich metrics or efficient methods to monitor the performance, usage, and health of Data Cache.

In v3.3, StarRocks improves the observability of Data Cache by offering efficient monitoring methods and more metrics. Users can now check the overall disk and memory usage of the data cache, and related metrics, enhancing monitoring of cache usage.

SQL commands

You can run SQL commands to view the capacity and usage of Data Cache on each BE node.


The DataCacheMetrics field records the used disk and memory space of Data Cache on a specific BE.

mysql> show backends\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
BackendId: 10004
HeartbeatPort: 4450
BePort: 4448
HttpPort: 4449
BrpcPort: 4451
LastStartTime: 2023-12-13 20:09:30
LastHeartbeat: 2023-12-13 20:10:43
Alive: true
SystemDecommissioned: false
ClusterDecommissioned: false
TabletNum: 48
DataUsedCapacity: 0.000 B
AvailCapacity: 280.103 GB
TotalCapacity: 1.968 TB
UsedPct: 86.10 %
MaxDiskUsedPct: 86.10 %
Version: datacache-heartbeat-c68caf7
Status: {"lastSuccessReportTabletsTime":"2023-12-13 20:10:38"}
DataTotalCapacity: 280.103 GB
DataUsedPct: 0.00 %
CpuCores: 104
NumRunningQueries: 0
MemUsedPct: 0.00 %
CpuUsedPct: 0.0 %
DataCacheMetrics: Status: Normal, DiskUsage: 0.00GB/2.00GB, MemUsage: 0.00GB/30.46GB
1 row in set (1.90 sec)


The be_datacache_metrics view in information_schema records the following Data Cache-related information.

mysql> select * from information_schema.be_datacache_metrics;
| 10004 | Normal | 2147483648 | 0 | 32706263420 | 0 | 0 | [{"Path":"/home/disk1/datacache","QuotaBytes":2147483648}] |
1 row in set (5.41 sec)
  • BE_ID: the BE ID
  • STATUS: the BE status
  • DISK_QUOTA_BYTES: the disk cache capacity configured by users, in bytes
  • DISK_USED_BYTES: the disk cache space that has been used, in bytes
  • MEM_QUOTA_BYTES: the memory cache capacity configured by users, in bytes
  • MEM_USED_BYTES: the memory cache space that has been used, in bytes
  • META_USED_BYTES: the space used to cache metadata
  • DIR_SPACES: the cache path and its cache size

API call


You can call the following API to view detailed metrics of Data Cache on a BE node.


The following figure shows the returned metrics.


Metric description

statusThe status of the Data Cache instance, including:NORMAL: The instance runs normally.ABNORMAL: Data cannot be read or written into the cache. The issue must be located using logs.UPDATING: The instance is being updated, such as the updating state during online scaling.
mem_quota_bytesThe memory cache capacity configured by users, in bytes.
mem_used_bytesThe memory cache space that has been used, in bytes.
mem_used_rateThe actual memory cache usage, in percentages.
disk_quota_bytesThe disk cache capacity configured by users, in bytes.
disk_used_bytesThe disk cache space that has been used, in bytes.
disk_used_rateThe actual disk cache usage, in percentages.
disk_spacesThe disk cache information configured by users, including each cache path and the cache size.
meta_used_bytesThe space used to cache system metadata, in bytes.
hit_countThe number of cache hits.
miss_countThe number of cache misses.
hit_rateThe cache hit rate.
hit_bytesThe number of bytes that are hit in the cache.
miss_bytesThe number of bytes that are missed in the cache.
hit_count_last_minuteThe number of cache hits in the last minute.
miss_count_last_minuteThe number of cache misses in the last minute.
hit_bytes_last_minuteThe number of types that are hit in the last minute.
miss_bytes_last_minuteThe number of types that are missed in the last minute.
buffer_item_countThe current number of Buffer instances in the cache. Buffer instances refer to common data caches, such as when reading part of the raw data from a remote file and caching the data directly in memory or on disks.
buffer_item_bytesThe number of types used to cache the Buffer instance.
read_mem_bytesThe number of bytes read from the memory cache.
read_disk_bytesThe number of bytes read from the disk cache.
write_bytesThe number of bytes written to the cache.
write_success_countThe number of successful cache writes.
write_fail_countThe number of failed cache writes.
remove_bytesThe number of deleted bytes.
remove_success_countThe number of successful deletes.
remove_fail_countThe number of failed deletes.
current_reading_countThe number of ongoing cache reads.
current_writing_countThe number of ongoing cache writes.
current_removing_countThe number of ongoing cache deletes.