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Version: 3.2



Pauses a Routine Load job but does not terminate this job. You can execute RESUME ROUTINE LOAD to resume it. After the load job is paused, you can execute SHOW ROUTINE LOAD and ALTER ROUTINE LOAD to view and modify information about the paused load job.

You can manage Routine Load jobs that run on StarRocks tables only as a user who has the INSERT privilege on those StarRocks tables. If you do not have the INSERT privilege, follow the instructions provided in GRANT to grant the INSERT privilege to the user that you use to connect to your StarRocks cluster.


PAUSE ROUTINE LOAD FOR [db_name.]<job_name>;


db_nameThe name of the database to which the Routine Load job belongs.
job_nameThe name of the Routine Load job. A table may have multiple Routine Load jobs, it is recommended to set a meaningful Routine Load job name by using identifiable information, for example, Kafka topic name or time when you create the load job, to distinguish multiple routine load jobs. The name of the Routine Load job must be unique within the same database


Pause the Routine Load job example_tbl1_ordertest1 in the database example_db.

PAUSE ROUTINE LOAD FOR example_db.example_tbl1_ordertest1;