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Version: 2.1


This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about deployment.

How do I bind a fixed IP address with the priority_networks parameter in the fe.conf file?

Problem description

For example, if you have two IP addresses: and You might provide IP addresses as follows:

  • If you specify the addresses as, StarRocks will recognize them as
  • If you specify the addresses as, StarRocks will recognize them as


There are the following two ways to solve this problem:

  • Do not add "32" at the end of an IP address or change "32" to "28".
  • You can also upgrade to StarRocks 2.1 or later.

The error "StarRocks BE http service did not start correctly, exiting" occurs when I start a backend (BE) after installation

When installing "be", the system reports a startup error: StarRocks Be http service did not start correctly, exiting.

This error occurs because the web services port of the BE is occupied. Try to modify the ports in the be.conf file and restart the BE.

Can StarRocks run on the operating system of SUSE 12SPS?


What do I do when this error occurs: ERROR 1064 (HY000): Could not initialize class com.starrocks.rpc.BackendServiceProxy?

This error occurs when you run programs in Java Runtime Environment (JRE). To solve this problem, replace JRE with Java Development Kit (JDK). We recommend that you use Oracle's JDK 1.8 or later.

The error "Failed to Distribute files to node" occurs when I deploy StarRocks of Enterprise Edition and configure nodes

This error occurs when Setuptools versions installed on multiple frontends (FEs) are inconsistent. To solve this problem, you can execute the following command as a root user.

yum remove python-setuptools

rm /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptool* -rf

wget -O - | python

Can FE and BE configurations of StarRocks be modified and then take effect without restarting the cluster?

Yes. Perform the following steps to complete the modifications for an FE and a BE:

  • FE: You can complete the modification for an FE in one of the following ways:
    • SQL
ADMIN SET FRONTEND CONFIG ("key" = "value");


ADMIN SET FRONTEND CONFIG ("enable_statistic_collect" = "false");
  • Shell
curl --location-trusted -u username:password http://ip:fe_http_port/api/_set_config?key=value


curl --location-trusted -u root:root
  • BE: You can complete the modification for a BE in the following way:
curl -XPOST -u username:password http://ip:be_http_port/api/update_config?key=value

Note: Make sure that the user has permission to log in remotely. If not, you can grant the permission to the user in the following way:

CREATE USER 'test'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '123456';


What do I do if the following error occurs: Failed to get scan range, no queryable replica found in tablet:11903

Problem description

This error occurs when a BE does not have enough disk space to load data from Flink. The data cannot be distributed evenly to all disks after disk expansion.


Patches to this bug is still under active development. Currently, you can troubleshoot it in the following two ways:

  • Manually distributing data on all disks.
  • If the data on these disks is not important, we recommend deleting the disks. After you delete the disks and switch the disk directory, this error occurs again. You can then truncate the 11903 table to solve it.

This error "Fe type:unknown ,is ready :false." occurs when I start an FE during the cluster restart

Check if the leader FE is running. If not, restart the FE nodes in your cluster one by one.

This error "failed to get service info err." occurs when I install the cluster

Check if OpenSSH Daemon (sshd) is enabled. If not, run the /etc/init.d/sshd`` status command to enable it.

This error "Fail to get master client from cache. ``host= port=0 code=THRIFT_RPC_ERROR" occurs when I start a BE

Run the netstat -anp |grep port command to check whether the ports in the be.conf file are occupied. If so, replace the occupied port with a free port and then restart the BE.

The error "Failed to transport upgrade files to agent host. src:…" occurs when I upgrade a cluster of the Enterprise Edition

This error occurs when the disk space specified in the deployment directory is insufficient. During the cluster upgrade, the StarRocks Manager distributes the binary file of the new version to each node. If the disk space specified in the deployment directory is insufficient, the file cannot be distributed to each node. To solve this problem, add data disks.

Why does the FE node log on the diagnostics page of StarRocks Manager display "Search log failed." for a newly deployed FE node that is running properly?

By default, StarRocks Manager obtains the path configuration of the newly deployed FE within 30 seconds. This error occurs when the FE starts slowly or does not respond within 30 seconds due to other reasons. Check the log of Manager Web via the path:

/starrocks-manager-xxx/center/log/webcenter/log/web/``drms.INFO(you can customize the path). Then find that whether the message "Failed to update FE configurations" display in the log. If so, restart the corresponding FE to obtain the new path configuration.

This error "exceeds max permissable delta:5000ms." occurs when I start an FE

This error occurs when the time difference between two machines is more than 5s. To solve this problem, align the time of these two machines.

How do I set the storage_root_path parameter if there are multiple disks in a BE for data storage?

Configure the storage_root_path parameter in the be.conf file and separate values of this parameter with ;. For example: storage_root_path=/the/path/to/storage1;/the/path/to/storage2;/the/path/to/storage3;

This error "invalid cluster id: 209721925." occurs after an FE is added to my cluster

If you do not add the --helper option for this FE when starting your cluster for the first time, the metadata between two machines is inconsistent, thus this error occurs. To solve this problem, you need to clear all metadata under the meta directory and then add an FE with the --helper option.

Why Alive is false when an FE is running and prints log transfer: follower?

This issue occurs when more than half of memory of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is used and no checkpoint is marked. In general, a checkpoint will be marked after the system accumulates 50,000 peices of log. We recommend that you modify the JVM's parameters of each FE and restarting these FEs when they are not heavily loaded.