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Version: 2.1

Introduction of the dev-env image

Download the image

# download image from dockerhub
docker pull starrocks/dev-env:{version}


starrocks branchimage tag

How to use

  • Run the container as usual

    docker run -it --name {container-name} -d starrocks/dev-env:{version}
    docker exec -it {container-name} /bin/bash
    # Run git clone starrocks in any path which in the container
    git clone
    cd starrocks
  • Run the container by mounting the local path (recommended)

    • Avoid re-downloading java dependency
    • No need to copy the compiled binary package in starrocks/output from the container
    docker run -it \
    -v /{local-path}/.m2:/root/.m2 \
    -v /{local-path}/starrocks:/root/starrocks \
    --name {container-name} \
    -d starrocks/dev-env:{version}

    docker exec -it {container-name} /bin/bash
    cd /root/starrocks

Third party tool

We have integrated some tools in the image so that you can easily use them

  • llvm
  • clang


Memory: 8GB+


  1. Fail to compile StarRocks BE.
g++: fatal error: Killed signal terminated program cc1plus
compilation terminated.

When you met above error message, it may be caused by lacking of memory. You should give more memory to the container. 8GB is enough.